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People of Split, enroll your children in a summer acting school in English!


If you want to give your children an opportunity to have the best weekend that they will never forget, while practicing acting skills and learning English through play with a native speaker, enroll them in the International School of Acting and encourage creative thinking!

We don’t know what the future holds for our children, but we know for sure that they will need to have the ability to think creatively.

Children have a lot more potential than we realize, we just need to find a way to its core. It has been scientifically proven that this approach develops children's innate potential and fosters enthusiasm. The goal of this summer school is for children to develop their creative thinking, strengthen concentration and memory – all through drama and play. It is equally loved by boys and girls.

The camp is led by a professional American actress from Los Angeles, Davie-Blue Bacich, who is also an educator and play therapist, and the program includes really interesting activities:

  • drama play and costumed storytelling in English,
  • a new thematic art project every day,
  • a daily fresh story to be read together,
  • creative movement workshop (dance, stretching, martial arts, music).

The summer school will take place in two terms (the end of June and the beginning of July 2021). Hurry and apply now, because the number of participants is limited!


  • 1st term: June 28 – July 2
  • 2nd term: July 5 – July 9

The camp is held every day from 8 AM to 4 PM (a total of 40 school hours).


"Harfa" Private Elementary School, School for the future (address: Poljudsko šetalište 2)

Number of participants per group: 16

Lunch: included

Price: HRK 1290,00

Apply now!

Splićani, upišite djecu u ljetnu školu glume na engleskom jeziku!


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