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Children love our school because they acquire knowledge through creative and critical thinking. They feel good learning in small groups through solving creative problems. Our school pays attention to the individuality of each child and the development of his/her potential. The children from our school come out content with a great level of knowledge.
Why choose Harfa as the school for your child??

- the content of learning is adapted to the neurological age of the child
- children learn from native speakers in English
- learning through understanding, not memorizing facts
- students independently choose a weekly learning program
- access to games, videos and digital learning content
- education in graphic, film, drama and music arts
- accepting diversity

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We are an IB PYP Candidate School

Harfa International School was created as a step forward by the renowned publishing house Harfa, which for years has been publishing literature in the field of encouragement of early emotional and intellectual development of children, with the aim of educating adults to be able to help children use their full potential.

Our school follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) specifically designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. PYP in our school is delivered in the English language from kindergarten to middle school.

Read more about at: IB/PYP Candidate School

Our school operates under the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Program from preschool to Grade 3 (PYP 0 - PYP 3)

Our goal is to help children reach their potential so they will love learning and knowledge.

Talent Development and Zero Tolerance for Violence

Children will acquire mathematical competencies, as well as creative and critical thinking, while encouraging individual talents through a series of workshops, presentation and entrepreneurial skills, and be prepared for the next phase of life in ways that do not cause aversion to learning.

The school encourages mutual respect, thus creating a safe environment in which everyone is enabled to know themselves.
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